6 Tools to Drive Sales on Instagram

Want to know how your brand can utilize tools for selling on Instagram? It can be easy to utilize Instagram to help sell your products. These tools help to create a seamless transition between the social media app and creating sales. Once you have decided to utilize an Instagram shopping tool it is a good idea to let the world know this! Simply create a post on your brand’s Instagram letting everyone know that they can now shop directly from your Instagram page! Here is a collection of the 6 best tools for selling on Instagram:


This tool makes selling on Instagram a breeze. Basically Like2Buy makes products or items seen in an Instagram photo shopable. Simply create your Like2Buy account and place the link in your brand’s Instagram profile link. Then when customers click on the link they will be directed to your brand’s Like2Buy store page. This store page features a gallery of your Instagram photos featuring your products that are available for purchase. The great thing about Like2Buy is that you can include more than one product per photo that is available for purchase. This means you can get creative with your product photos and link products together in one photo. You can also utilize user generated content that customers have posted onto Instagram to showcase how great your clients are and to help sell more products. You can request a demo trial of the Like2Buy tool to see if it is a good fit for your brand.


This tool is a great way to sell products on Instagram without your customers needing to leave the Instagram app. This is a big bonus! You simply post a photograph of a product that is for sale with a description about the product and price. Followers of your brand’s Instagram account simply need to comment “sold” onto the photo of the product they want to buy. Then the customer receives an invoice via email that they use to complete the purchase online via paypal or credit card. Soldsie can be a great tool to sell products that have a limited number of items available or that are limited edition. It also creates an ‘auction’ like experience that entices users to want to purchase your product in order to not miss out on a great deal. Soldsie also works on Facebook if you utilize this social media platform for your brand as well.


Inselly collects photos from Instagram based on hashtags and makes them searchable. All you need to do is to connect your brand’s Instagram account with your Inselly account. Once your account is complete, simply set your link to your Inselly account as your profile link. Then followers can follow the link to shop the items you are offering. Inselly makes use of hashtags, so if using this tool include the #inselly hashtag onto your posts as well as any relevant hashtags about your product. Your product will then show up on the Inselly marketplace! A great thing about Inselly is that they do not take a commission from your sales.


This Instagram selling tool syncs your products and inventory across all of your different sales channels such as Etsy, eBay, Storenvy, Square and Shopify. All you need to do is to upload your images to Instagram with a product description and price. Then Shopseen will upload the product to your brand’s Shopseen page where customers can purchase your products. A great aspect about Shopseen is that it will automatically upload products across different selling platforms and update availability of products based on your product sales across all platforms. So need to worry about updating product availability as Shopseen will do it for you.


From the same people that created Soldsie, this is an Instagram tool that lets you use your profile link to send customers to your online store. The Have2Have.It store features a similar layout and design to your Instagram page to keep your brand messaging on point. You will need to post the link to your Have2Have.It page into the link section of your Instagram profile to direct customers to the site. Then simply post a photograph of the product you are selling on your brand’s Instagram page and direct customers to follow the link in your bio. This will lead customers to your Have2Have.It shop page. Not only does Have2Have.It provide you with analytics but it also captures customer email addresses for your mailing database.


InstaOrders is a tool for brand’s that use Instagram to sell their products. All you need to do is to sign up for InstaOrders using your brand’s Instagram account. Your photos will then be imported to InstaOrders and all future photos will automatically sync. You then need to price the products you are selling and voila you are ready to sell you products. Then simply place the link to your InstaOrders store into your profile bio to direct customers to your store. You do need to ensure that you have an existing payment method for customers to pay for their purchases such as Paypal setup.