7 Winning Instagram Strategies to Build Your Brand

Instagram is a great marketing platform to utilize for your brand. Not only is the social media platform interactive, it provides the opportunity to extend your brand’s reach beyond your existing target market. Instagram can also be used to showcase your brand in a more informal and fun way! Utilising Instagram for your brand is easy with these 7 Instagram marketing tips:


This might seem like a no brainer, but is really important Instagram marketing tip. Your followers want to see good quality photos, and not just of your products. People want brands to be more human, so consider using Instagram as a marketing tool to showcase just how human your brand is. Consider posting photos of all aspects of your business for a fun behind the scenes look. Posting photos and videos of your employees is a great way to add a twist to your brand’s marketing. Also, ensure you take advantage of Instagram’s filters to choose the best way to showcase your photos. Brands that make an effort to curate good photos for their Instagram often have higher engagement with Instagram users.


Hashtags are a great way to increase your audience and exposure on Instagram. A key marketing tip is to keep your hashtags relevant to your posts. Also ensure that you don’t over hashtag, and keep your hashtags to a few key ones per post. Your hashtags should never exceed the word length of your post. A great way of connecting with your audience and increasing your exposure is to create a brand hashtag. That way, customers or clients can use your brand hashtag too and you can keep track of how people are engaging with your brand. Another way to utilize hashtags is to use relevant trending hashtags. You can find the trending hashtags by going to the ‘explore feature’ on Instagram. If a trending hashtag is relevant to your brand then use it to increase your exposure.


Your Instagram bio includes a link that you can use to direct people to your brand’s website. Instagram does not yet allow clickable links when captions are posted with photos. Yet, consider utilising the link section of your bio as a platform to feature new content or products. Simply post a comment with a photo about new content or products on your site, and then encourage users to follow the link in your bio to read more. This will ensure that your freshest content or products are front and centre when a potential customer goes to your website.


Instagram users and customers love when brands acknowledge them. An easy way for a brand to use Instagram to better market a product is to engage with the people buying it. If you have a brand hashtag then you can search this hashtag and repost content that a customer has posted with a shout out to them. This will encourage customers to generate content about your brand on Instagram and provide you with a way to showcase how great your brand is. Encourage customers to tag you in posts about your product and to use your brands hashtag. Also ensure to engage with the customers if they post about your brand by liking or commenting on their post.


A great marketing tip to utilize Instagram for your brand is to hold an exclusive Instagram contest. The contest can encourage people to repost their favourite photo that your brand has posted online or to utilize your brand’s hashtag. Everyone loves winning something for free and not only will this encourage people to connect with your brand to enter the contest, it will also increase your reach as more people see you pop up in their newsfeeds. The lucky contest winner, as part of their prize, can then post about the free product they received on their page. If customers know that they can win free products through your brand’s Instagram page then they are more likely to engage with you via Instagram. This is a great way to connect with more people on Instagram and to keep customers interested.


This one sounds simple, but if you want customers to engage with your brand on Instagram you need to engage back. If customers ask questions, ensure that you respond in a timely fashion. Be polite and thank them for engaging with your brand. Keep your brands voice casual and friendly when interacting on Instagram. This will show people that your brand is active, connected and will respond to customer enquiries. This is a key marketing tip as good customer service is essential in an age when people can leave feedback online, both good and bad.


A final Instagram marketing tip is to consider using brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is someone who will promote your brand or product for you. This will help you to increase your brand’s reach on Instagram and grow your following. A brand ambassador needs to be carefully selected to ensure that they fit with the identity of your brand. Consider approaching people who are already engaged with your brand on Instagram to see if they would want to become a brand ambassador. Alternatively, seek people who have a strong Instagram following and connect with them to see if they would be interested in forming a relationship with your brand. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. A brand ambassador can not only make your brand seem human, but provides that personal word of mouth recommendation that will send people in your direction.