how to create an instagram bio that attracts clients

How To Create An Instagram Bio That Attracts Clients

Want to create an Instagram bio that grabs attention and sells your brand? Steal these tactics to start attracting more clients on Instagram immediately.

1.) Brand Your Bio

This might sound simple but your Instagram name should be your brand name. You want people to instantly know that this is the Instagram account of your business. This applies to your brands username too. Make sure it is your brands name or as close to as possible. Your Instagram name can also include anything special about your brand that makes it unique. For example if your brand is the only one offering a certain service or product you can mention that in the name section as well.

2.) Tell Clients What You Do

Your Instagram bio is the place to sell your brand to people. Users of Instagram want to know what a brand does in their Instagram bio. Unless you are a major corporate and known globally then you need to use your Instagram bio to introduce your brand. So use your Instagram bio to tell people what you do! What makes your brand unique? Tell people about what you exclusively share on Instagram. If you have exclusive offers or deals that can only be heard about on Instagram then mention it in your bio, but remember you only have 150 characters so keep it short and sweet.

3.) Be Interesting

In order to create an awesome Instagram bio you want to make your bio fun and interesting. This is your chance to showcase how human your brand is. Instagram is a fun social media tool, so reflect your brands bio in this. Consider making your Instagram bio fun and laid back, but on brand of course! Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your brand’s fun side, so don’t take your bio too seriously. If this sounds too scary, then consider the use of emoticons to make your bio a little more fun.

4.) Use Brand Hashtags

Hashtags work well on Instagram and are easily searchable, but not when posted in a bio. So don’t post hashtags in your bio as they will not show up on a search engine. However, if you have a brand hashtag that you want your customers and followers to use then post it in your bio! This is the perfect way to share with customers how they can share their user-generated content with you to re-share on your brands Instagram.

5) Always Include Your Website Link 

Your awesome bio on Instagram is not complete without including a link to your website. Followers on Instagram want to be able to easily get more information about your brand. They don’t want to search the Internet trying to locate your website. So always include your website link in your bio in the link section. This link can be edited at anytime so start of with putting your website homepage link. If you are having a sale or just launched a new product you can edit the link to direct customers to a certain section of your website. That way you can make sure that customers are going to a fresh new section of your website.

6) Format Your Bio

Have you seen some awesome Instagram bios that are formatted length wise and thought it looked good? There is an easy trick to format your bio on Instagram so that it runs length ways down the page too. Simply type your bio into a word document or onto a notes app on your phone and then copy and paste into your bio. You can do this on your phone or on your computer as Instagram lets you edit your Instagram bio on your computer too. You will then have a visually appealing bio that lists your brand and what your brand does running length ways. This way of formatting your bio also makes it easier to read.

7) Include Your Email

Some brands include their contact details in their Instagram bio. This makes it super easy for customers to get in contact with the brand. Consider including your brands email in your Instagram bio to provide a super easy way for customers to get in contact with your brand.

8) Include a Call To Action

Do you want your followers to engage with your brand in a certain way? Do you want your customers to subscribe to your brands lifestyle? Consider making your Instagram bio awesome by having a call to action in your Instagram bio. If you have a brand hashtag that you want your followers to use then post it in your bio. Does your brand share user-generated content? Then ask them to tag your brand in their photos to have them shared on your brands Instagram page.

9) Use Keywords That Reflect Your Brand

Not only do you want to write an awesome Instagram bio, you want it to be easily discovered. Your instagram bio and username are picked up by Google searches. So use keywords that represent your brand wisely. This way your brands Instagram account will show up if someone searches for key words online that relate to your brand. That way they will then discover your brand!

Now that you’ve written a rocking bio implement these 7 Winning Strategies to Build Your Brand on Instagram.

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