22 Replies to “The New Instagram Hashtag Rules to Get Noticed in 2018”

  1. Oh dear Jacinta, I haven’t been on Instagram for so long, which is quite scary because at one stage I was completely addicted to it. I really need to get back into it though and your breakdown of hashtags really helps alot. They always confused me a little

  2. These are good tips! Since my posts are generally related to a specific niche, so I use a lot of the same hashtags, though I do add in new ones depending on what the photo is of. I do have concerns occasionally about being shadow banned.

  3. This is a great post. I still get asked, from time-to-time, how to make instagram work, which hashtags to use etc. This post covers it all. Pinning for future reference.

  4. Great article! New facts I was unaware of like the density of hashtags., that one is completely new to me. Guess this is the cause of being shadow banned. What are your thoughts on making your own hashtags?

  5. I have an instagram, but nothing posted on it, simply because I’m in search of a way to add photos without it being on the mobile device ( which I don’t have). I also never fully understood the whole hashtag thing, I was just never able to catch on to it I guess. But at least now I have a better handle on tha when looking at other peoples instagrams.

  6. This was amazingly helpful. All this time I’ve been looking for hashtags that have at least 1million behind them and now that I think about it.. is it that logical. My schedule is for posting tomorrow so I am going to vary it up a little based on your advice and do a bit of an experiement, thank you!

  7. I have just started mixing up my hashtags between high and medium density. I definitely can tell a difference already! I think hashtags are important but also the algorithms have destroyed (imo) the joy of scrolling!

  8. Hashtags changed my life! I’ve been with Instagram since about a year or so after they launched and while I was just a teenager and not using it for my work like I do now, hashtags were looked at as “lame”. So it took me a while to start using them and growing with them once I started using them to help grow my business and blog! I have to say this is a great information and is everything that I would tell people to do as well!

  9. This Instagram hashtag is such a big help to get our brand noticed. A hashtag can use in any social media. It can help to boost our followers and likes.

  10. I’ve heard alot of different things about Instagram lately. You can use strategy to grow, and it’s also important to find out what works for your niche. I like talking to others in my niche to hear their tricks. I put my hashtags in the comments too.

  11. Instagram has become so much more complicated than it was before! It just used to be about sharing your content and getting readers to view your blog! Now it has become such a lot of work!
    Great pointers though! I never knew about the different densities!

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