How to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account

How to Set Up Your Pinterest Business Account

Small business owners have found a secret weapon in Pinterest. Since Pinterest’s launch in 2010 they have quickly become one of the top sites for driving traffic. Hence, business owners are realizing that a Pinterest business account is a necessity for generating traffic revenue.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest allows users to create a virtual index of products and information. Just like a corkboard, users are able to “pin” items like pictures, products or memes to their own boards. Users can also repin and share their inspirations with others.

Why You Need a Pintereset Business Account

Still not sure you need a Pinterest business account? Esme Williams, VP of Executive Marketing for gushes about how Pinterest partnered with the company to expand their line into a booming enterprise. “Expanding Allrecipes’ brand experience and content reach to include broad distribution on Pinterest allowed us ensure our brand was highly accessible to cooks seeking recipe inspiration within a highly visual, diversified lifestyle-oriented environment.” In other words, Pinterest helped gain attention of the 50 million home cooks that now use their recipes on the regular.

Developing Your Pin Strategy

Before you start pinning, it’s important to gain knowledge of what your audience is interested in. Pinterest users don’t just like products shoved at them, they are more interested in a glimpse of how each idea was inspired. Spend some time conducting searches in your niche on Pinterest to get familar with what your target audience is pinning and sharing.

Pin often but don’t overwhelm your audience with too many pins. Remember your fan base is more concerned with seeing your process than being bombarded with what you’re trying to sell. It’s all about establishing a presence that buyers will want to come back to again and again.

STEP 1: Create a Pinterest Business Account

To get started on Pinterest, simply sign up using your email address and create a password. If you already have a Pinterest account that you don’t want to lose, you can easily convert a personal account over to a Pinterest business account. Simply select the option on the link on the business home page. To use the site as a business owner you’ll need to agree to the business terms on Pinterest’s website.  An important benefit of opening a Pinterest busniess account is that you’ll have access to Pinterest Analytics. Analytics allows you to view how users are responding to your pins.

Step 2: Confirm Your Website

Pinterest does a good job of weeding out potential fake business accounts by making businesses verify their website. You must have a link to your website and provide your business name. For bloggers, your or similar account will work.

STEP 3: Add the “Pinterest Save” Button to Your Website

Users can save images on your website by using a Pinterest Save button. There are three types of buttons you can choose from and they range in difficulty when adding them to your page. Without the save button, you will stall your chance at repins and miss opportunities to send your information to the masses. “Integration of Pinterest’s sharing button directly into our recipe experience proved to be a very powerful way for us to tap into the trust, advocacy and expertise of Allrecipes passionate community of 50 million home cooks to expand our brand within new channels,” says Williams.

You’re Ready to Get Started with Your Pinterest Business Account!

Congratulations! You’ve learned the steps needed to launch your Pinterest business account. Now, you’ll need to begin determining the visual aspects of your online presence. Choose beautiful images and content that represents your company’s essence in the most visually appealing way.

Happy Pinning!

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