How to Write a Killer Pinterest Bio

Don’t become overwhelmed at the task of writing the perfect Pinterest bio! Follow these steps for creating a killer Pinterest bio that attracts quality followers to your brand. 

Adding a fun and authentic Pinterest Bio is key to creating a strong brand image. In essence, a Pinterest bio shows exactly what you’ll be representing as a brand. It’s an opportunity to tell your audience who you are and what you’ll be pinning. The tricky part is that you need to tell your company’s story in 160 characters or less.

Use Your Business Name in Your Pinterest Bio

Your business name is your calling card to the world. It’s the one thing that people may remember about your product or service. When people decide to do a search, whether on Pinterest or Google, your business name will populate in the search box. Your audience should be able to search for your business name and in seconds have your profile easily accessible to them. Pinterest has a 37-character limit for your bio name. If you have a lengthy name, make sure you go with a shorter descriptor that you are already known for. Southern Comfort frequently shortens their name to SoCo. The key to getting your name or nickname out there is to be consistent.

Choose a Photo That Reflects Your Brand

It’s important that your pick a photo for your Pinterest bio that reflects your brand. Pinterest prefers that images be at a dimension of 165 X 165 pixels. It’s important to match your dimensions so that an image will remain clear (not stretched) if it’s used on a different device like a mobile phone or an I-Pad. If your business has a logo that is recognizable to your customer base, you’ll definitely want to use it as your bio image.

If you’re a blogger or more easily recognized by your picture than your logo, you’ll want to choose an image with a clear background that shows your entire face or a portion of your face so that readers may connect with what they’re seeing. And don’t forget the personality. Lesley W. Graham, a popular blogger known for her unique style, uses an image of herself on a wooded background in a maroon floppy hat with a quirky smile that her fans have come to love. In an instant, her page looks inviting and her personality shows through.

Make Your Description Short and Sweet

The toughest and most important part of creating a Pinterest bio that works for your business is using those 160 characters to convey your personality and inspiration. You want to seem clever, hip, and fun without coming across as cliché. If your business is hip and caters to a younger audience, you can include emojis or hashtags.

For example, Aimee Song, fashion blogger behind the site “Song of Style”  lets readers know all the important basics in her Pinterest bio. Hers reads, “Live and Die in LA. Interior Designer and Fashion Blogger.” In those few short words, we know all we need to. She loves Los Angeles, where she’s based, and she loves interior design, as well as, fashion. Can you already guess where her pins are heading?

Link to Stuff from Your Pinterest Bio

Your Pinterest Bio provides a prominent place to link to your website. By linking to your website you’re able to provide brand awareness and drive organic traffic.Linking to your website can help your audience find exactly where to buy the items that your company sells or just to give them a chance to find out more about you. Maybe they really love how well you pin DIY projects and they want to see your official DIY blog. Finally, adding an email or a link to a promotional product is another way to drive traffic to your website.

Verify Your Profile

You’ll want to make sure you verify your account to make your Pinterest page official. Once your account is verified a red checkmark will appear on your account. This will let your audience know you are exactly who you say you are. This gives you credibility and let’s your audience feel like it’s valuable to connect with you. Verifying your account also helps stifle any fake accounts that may get set up with a similar name.

 Happy Pinning!

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