Productivity Apps to Help You Get Stuff Done

3 Productivity Apps to Help You Get Sh*t Done!

Juggling a full-time job while launching a successful online business is no easy feat! But these 3 productivity apps make my life so much easier!

Stay Focused with the Productive App

To be candor, Productive is more of an app used to track habits than a task manager. I initially started using Productive  to keep track of my personal goal to get to the gym at least 3 times a week. However quickly realized that I could use Productive to keep track of virtually any recurring task. Productive’s, easy to use, recurring task manager allows tracking of both personal and business goals.

For example, I use Productive to keep track of my weekly goal of attending two networking events. I’ve used it to track simple tasks like taking my vitamins to more lofty goals like treating myself to a spa day once a month. It also works great for eliminating bad habits. If you’re trying to quit caffeine, staying up too late, or watching Real Housewives, Productive can help!

Manage Your Crazy To Do List with Google Keep

Arghhh! Why is keeping a simple to do list so difficult??? Over the years, I’ve tried several productivity apps to manage by ever expanding to do list. In the end, no matter how sophisticated the system was I would always decide that the process of “input and output” of simple to do items was always too great and ended up deferring to plain old pen and paper.

Google Keep allows you to quickly add to do items from your mobile phone or desktop. It’s quick Post-It note style memo format allows you to add quick reminders and to dos in mere seconds. I also like the visual nature of Google Keep. You can customize the colors of memo to visually indicate tasks importance and priority. You can also apply multiple labels to Google Keep memos to organize multiple to do lists. Most importantly, Google Keep is fully searchable! So if you’re too lazy to meticulously organize your to do list, you can find your notes and to dos with a few keystrokes! I use Google Keep to keep track of business, personal, fitness, and household to do items.

Manage Large Projects with Trello

Trello is a great app for managing large projects with lots of moving pieces. I’ve used Trello for various business and personal projects including product launches, content creation, planning a vacation, renovating my home office, and tracking finances.

The beauty of Trello is that it can handle multiple phases of a project. For example, if you work on multiple blog posts at a time you can use the GTD method to keep track of blog posts in various phases of completion. The input process can be a bit cumbersome so I still like Google Keep for tracking my To Do Lists but for any ongoing projects with multiple moving pieces and stakeholders, Trello is the way to go!


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