Social Media Hacks to Save Your Sanity

Is social media taking over your life? Are you tired of devoting tireless hours to your social media efforts? Here are six social media hacks guaranteed to help you save time on social media.

1) Allocate Uninterrupted Time to Social Media 

Important: If you are only going to pick one of these social media hacks, pick this one! Devoting uninterrupted time to social media efforts is critical to staying on task and not getting distracted with other activities. You’ll be surprised how much can be accomplished in a completely uninterrupted hour. Log off email, silence mobile devices, and turn off any other devices that may cause distraction. Setting up a schedule and devoting uninterrupted hours will dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend on social media.

2) Batch Similar Social Media Tasks 

This is another one of our favorite social media hacks. Take the first step even further by devoting allocated time even further into specific social media marketing tasks. For example, rather than writing a blog post, optimizing it for SEO, and finding the right images – try focusing on doing one task at a time. Pick an hour a week which is only devoted to collecting blog images. Pick another day, when you create draft posts and again another day just focusing on proofreading and SEO. This batching technique will allow you to feel a greater sense of accomplishment ad make more visible progress.

3) Create a Social Media Content Stockpile

Let’s be honest, often things come up that will prevent us from sticking to the social media schedule that we’ve put in place. In addition, there will also be those times where you’re not feeling particularly creative or inspired to produce new content. For these reasons, it’s incredibly important to have a social media content stockpile that can be used in order to maintain a strong social media presence during times you may be overtaxed or busy. This is especially important if you are still juggling a full time job as you try to grow your business.

4) Set Weekly Social Media Goals 

Social media can be exhausting – especially in the beginning when you feel like you are devoting a lot of time to your social media efforts and receiving little return. For this reason, it’s important to focus on small wins rather than big gains. For example, your ultimate goal may be to achieve 10,000 followers on Instagram however the weight of an immense goal like that can become daunting if you only have 500 followers to date. Set small weekly goals for yourself in order to keep your momentum going week over week.

5) Use Automates Social Media Services To Eliminate Friction

Social media content publishing tools like Hootsuite, Later, and Buffer allow you to not only plan social media posts in advance but schedule them. This is critical since there will be times when you are simply not able to devote your time to social media. These tools are also great in allowing you to build consistency with your audience. If you know that your posts receive the most engagement at 8 AM on weekdays you can optimize your posts to publish at the times when your audience is the most receptive.

6) Focus on Key Social Media Channels 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of social media platforms available. Small business owners often think they must have a strong presence on every channel. Trust me, trying to create content for an ever growing number of social media channels will drive you crazy. As an alternative to this, pick the three social channels that make the most sense for your business and focus on those channels. It’s also important to remember the distinction between having a presence and being active. You can still establish a brand image on a social channel you are not actively using and then direct your audience to the social media channels where you maintain an active profile.

7 Replies to “Social Media Hacks to Save Your Sanity”

  1. These are great tips! I’ve definitely found that I need to set aside time that is solely for my social media accounts. Otherwise I get distracted while on other tasks!

  2. I never use automated services, it’s a trust thing – LOL! That being said, I have a general routine for my social media promotion that works for me, for the most part – but I do love your tips, especially focusing on KEY SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS because there are just SOOOOO many these days!

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