The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags

Knowing how to use Instagram hashtags is key to getting more exposure on Instagram. It’s a great way to attract people from all over the world to your account page. The key to Instagram hashtags is to use a mixture of broad and specific terms for your hashtags. For example, say you posted a photo of your best-selling limited edition Air Jordan basketball hi-tops, you might want to use the Instagram hashtags: #kicks #sneakerheads #jordans #airjordan #ballin #hi-tops #sneakers #nike.

If you ran an online kayaking store, and you posted a photo of one of your sponsored kayakers doing some amazing whitewater kayaking you could use the hashtags: #kayaking #extremekayaking #snakeriver #kayak #rapids #whitewater #class5. You would also include the name of your sponsored athlete as a hashtag.

Instagram hashtags that are more specific in nature tend to attract more niche audiences and deliver higher engagements. For example, the hashtag #coffee has (44 million+ posts), but you could also tag #dailycortado (80,000+ posts) or #coffeeshopcorners (75,000+ posts) to reach the serious coffee lovers. You’ll find that the more specific hashtags have higher quality photos, less spam, and the people who engage with these hashtags are more active in the Instagram community.

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